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Friday, May 09, 2014

Long Teaching Day

It's Gayatri Spivak and Bruno Latour today in the City. This is the last week of class, and strictly speaking most days have been long teaching days with the usual proliferation of meetings and intensification of student office hours happening -- the next few days will be much the same as my MA Thesis cohort prepares and rehearses for next week's public symposium. In between, I've got a million papers to grade on deadline, I've got a whole lot of union vote stuff keeping things interesting, and I've got to get ready for my teaching intensives beginning in a couple of weeks at Berkeley. I realize blogging has been a bit spotty lately, and now you know why -- also, my preoccupation with the union politics at SFAI has changed my focus a bit. Of course, the futurists and techbros have been behaving in their usual idiotic way even if I haven't had much to say about it. Soon enough, I will again.

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