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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Afterlife Grudge Match

It's amusing that the saccharine "Heaven Is For Real" and techno-facile "Transcendence" are opening at the same time in movie theaters across America: the two films assume a number of shared essential assumptions and aspirations and enact a number of shared narrative tropes, and yet the faithful and the hopeful to whom these films are being pitched would little likely concede or be capable of conceiving these films as essentially similar at all. On a side note, I personally hope -- and somewhat expect -- both films to die speedily and soon and without much of an afterlife in the consumer hell of blu-ray bargain bins to console them, and for similar reasons.


Chad Lott said...

I just realized that Morgan Freeman is in Transcendence. Maybe that makes it a prequel for Bruce/Evan Almighty?

Evan Uplifted?

Dale Carrico said...

The way you know it's not Evan Uplifted is... I would see that.