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Thursday, October 03, 2013


Brian Lennon:
"Digital Humanities as an emergent formation has either simply missed, or else has deliberately rejected, the "postcolonial" critique of the academy, substituting for it a basically (cyber-)libertarian critique of the academy that is less concerned for global social justice than it is focused on opportunity for a particular fraction of a new technocratic elite. In that sense, DH represents precisely the "academy" that needed and deserved the critique originally delivered by postcolonial studies; and represents, as well, the need for that critique to be delivered again... DH debates are profoundly U.S. -centrist; but I think the U.S.-centrism of these debates is intrinsic to... the discourse of DH itself -- which, all protest and promotion notwithstanding, simply does not have that much of a foothold outside the combined Anglophone North American and British academic spheres." -- h/t David Golumbia

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