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Monday, October 28, 2013

"The Trap" For Republicans Began When They Ran

Greg Sargent documents House Republicans warning each other that engaging in actual budget negotiations as they promised to do in ending their latest idiotic catastrophic shutdown budget default would constitute "a trap" in which they might be expected to make concessions to their negotiating partners the Democrats (suggesting, in a surprise move, that they actually know at some basic level what the word "negotiation" means), and also that Marco Rubio is now warning House Republicans not to pass the Immigration Bill he himself famously championed because passing the bill and bringing it to conference in normal order would constitute "a ruse" in which compromise legislation to solve what is universally regarded as a huge problem might actually result. That this portends the continued prevalence of Tea Party radicalism and another year of pointless crisis governance threatening a fragile economy for no reason and delaying the solution of a host of painful but palpably treatable problems is obvious. The larger point is that if you hate the very idea of governing and regard the very idea of good governance as a scam, "the trap" and "the fraud" really happens when you choose to run for elected office in the first place.

Also, too, why pretend to resist it?

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