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Sunday, October 06, 2013

SNL Reveals How Republicans Are Managing the Messaging On Their Shutdown Tantrum Over Obamacare

Of course, I have personally found it rather hilarious to hear GOP Representatives "defending government" after shutting it down and shedding crocodile tears over foodstamps and medical research for kids with cancer when year after year they shred the budgets for these programs. But just in case anyone is worried that Rand Paul's suggestion to Mitch McConnell via open mic that Republicans might win the "messaging war" over the shutdown (remember when the Shutdown was supposed to be about stopping Obamacare? You know, the Obamacare exchanges which are up and running and exposing Republican lies about death panels, ruinous prices, socialist takeover for thousands upon thousands of newly enlightened Americans every single day) by casting Democratic refusal to cave in the face of their reckless ruinous tantrums as somehow creating a mirror world in which Democrats in the era of Obama are the ones who won't compromise and Republicans are the ones who care about saving welfare for "the takers" and "blah people," SNL reveals how the Shutdown is playing for real.

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