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Saturday, October 12, 2013

BooMan Is the Political Animal

Washington Monthly has BooMan Martin Longman blogging at Political Animal again. I assume his guest hosting a couple weekends ago was something of an audition he has passed with flying colors. Although I think I am probably somewhat to his left politically, I have been reading BooMan for years now and consider him one of the most sensible analysts around the blogipelago -- a couple of times he has actually managed to be the only completely sensible analyst I'm reading on the left at all as far as I'm concerned (sure, I disagree with him sometimes too). It is important to be able to situate ideal outcomes in respect to the lay of the land and BooMan's analyses are often indispensable aids in this. Anyway, greater exposure of his writing is not only good for us and for the long-deserving BooMan, but I think it is also good for the Political Animal blog, which has never seemed to me as consistently relevant since Steve Benen left a few years back to work with Rachel Maddow.

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