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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Asked To Speak, Wingnuts Whine About Being Silenced

Shooting fish in a barrel, I know, but it really is incredible that Republicans can hear in an explicit exhortation by the President for them "argue for your position" that he is saying the opposite, ordering them instead to "Shut up." Republicans try to disenfranchise voters, they refuse to accept the verdict of legitimate elections, they lie about their priorities in their own campaigns, talking jobs on the stump and then forcing pregnancies and putting a gun in every pot when they're in office. It calls to mind the way the intolerant always demand tolerance for their intolerance, the way bigots always decry as violence and as bigotry the restraint of their bigotry from the worst of its violence, the way racists always declare racist the exposure and denunciation of their racism. This is more than hypocrisy, hypocrisy lacks the scope of the fissure in lived reality out of which these crazy reversals arise... it is an endless unquenchable victimhood in the face of an American reality that has left them behind, that justifies every deception, every fraud, that turns every fact into a testament to loss, a hole that can never be filled, a wormhole megaphoning fear and hate unto death.

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