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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

MundiMuster! Californians Must Begin to Reverse the Catastrophically Failing Racist War on Drugs

California ACLU:
The War on Drugs has been a costly failure –- in terms of both lives and dollars wasted. Right now, nearly 4,000 people are locked up in California's overcrowded prisons because of drug possession for personal use.

Take action today: tell your legislator to support a bill (SB 649) that just says no to the ineffective tactics of the failed War on Drugs.

The California Assembly will soon vote on SB 649, which would allow possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use to be charged as a misdemeanor rather than an automatic felony.

Needlessly locking people up for possession of small amounts of drugs wastes taxpayers dollars that could be used to pay for drug treatment for thousands of people.

Passing SB 649 and revising the drug possession penalty would:
Save up to $160 million a year that could be used for rehabilitation, drug treatment and solving serious crimes.
Help alleviate over-crowding in our prisons and jails.
Reduce the racial inequality in our criminal justice system. African Americans and Latinos are arrested and sentenced disproportionately for low level drug offenses.
Support reentry and safety. A felony is a barrier to the kinds of things -- jobs, housing and education -- that help people successfully re-enter the community and that keep communities safe.
Take action today to move California away from failed drug war tactics and toward a smarter approach to addressing crime and addiction.


Esebian said...

This post should be required reading for all Americans.

The inhuman narco-military complex must be crushed ASAP.

Esebian said...