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Monday, August 12, 2013

Futurological Deliverables!

The street finds its own uses for nonthings.


jimf said...

Whassa matter, you don't have enough Facebook friends?
The number of digital minds we could create using the matter
on Earth alone would likely be over a quadrillion, more than
2,500 people for every star in the 400 billion star Milky Way.
We could make a “Galactic Civilization” right here on Earth
in the late 21st or 22nd century. I can scarcely imagine
such a thing, but I can imagine that we’ll be guffawing
heartily as how unambitious most human goals were in the
year 2010.

Thats a lotta lunches, too. Good thing they'll all be

(I saw the image of "the Keeper" from ST:TOS
"The Cage"/"The Menagerie", and so I viewed the
page to see what it was about. ;-> )

DoctorTheopolis said...

Ladies & Gents:deliverables of intellectual posturing:

ah crap, I can't get these images to load in Blogger. I would have hoped it to work, at least to work better than some subsidiary of a Kurzweilian technophilical extension of "futurology" like Google or something.

Well you can imagine them right, you get it, pictures of stuff... Imagine U.S. taxpayers criticizing attacking Syria, or folks pouring Stoli in the gutter for gays. Your typical moment of zen. PHILOSOPHY! thank you.

Dale Carrico said...

Are you quite well?