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Monday, July 29, 2013

Reactionary Tech Press Puts the Shine on Poison Apple

John Herrman at Buzzfeed and also Gawker's Valleywag Sam Biddle have pointed out a host of headlines in the reactionary pop-tech press every one of which trumpets "news" of a cheap iPhone for gizmo-fetishists to salivate over. Quite apart from the vulgar spectacle of saucer eyed techno fashion victims consuming landfill-destined crap while the world burns and congratulating themselves on the innovative individualism signaled through their slavish brand loyalty to a multinational corporation, the headlines on display are especially appalling since they focus on an incidental reference to a possible device in what was in fact an investigative report on behalf of China Labor Watch (read the report itself here) revealing nearly a hundred flabbergasting labor abuses in plants assembling these crappy gizmos for so many suave liberals who fancy themselves progressives signaling their progressivism when they brandish these commodities brought forth in unspeakable exploitation, violence, and suffering. The report documented underage labor, sexual and ethnic discrimination and abuse, horrendous living conditions, excessive working hours, routine contract violations, unsafe working environments and pollution, and so much more. Apple has responded to the report saying all this is news to them, but since it isn't news to anyone we know that this is a lie. Do by all means continue to enjoy your poisonous Apple products, though, "technoprogressives."

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