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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Mapping Derpistan

Krugthulu! Of course, he is concentrating on zombie macroeconomic derp in his piece, but one cannot help but note that Derpistan is a vast wasteland, with bogs and fens and sterilities aplenty, where nice ladies who weren't actually asking to get raped magically don't get pregnant because their bodies shut that right down and where rape kits clean them right up like pixie dust, where praying brings rain and the Biblical God's promise to the character Noah fends off Greenhouse storms and climate science is a cult, where one can pray away the gay and fresh-faced teenagers prefer to date their pious fathers at abstinence balls than their peers and such fathers are never, ever the least bit rapey themselves, where every social policy is shaped by the desire to punish sin rather than reduce harm, where Genesis is science and Darwin a doggerel poet, where the world would be safer if we could only manage to cram a loaded gun into every square inch of it, where there is no such thing as a mistaken execution, and where jails are more educational than schools. Unfortunately, Derpistan is not confined to some distant shore, it lives all around us like a poison fog, like a thick tide of goo, like the Dark Side of the Force, like a dense fog blunting every landmark, like an anchor dragging every ankle down, like a shit stink clinging to every shoe heel, like a grasping skeleton hand forever holding us back. The map of Derpistan is the purgatorial territory in which we are all confined to struggle, while history's Heaven and history's Hell are waiting in the wings.

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