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Saturday, July 06, 2013

An Unexpected Outbreak of Ethics Over at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Anarcho-transhumanoid Summerspeaker with whom I have sparred here for years has now seriously sparred with the Robot Cultists themselves for the reactionary complacency and unsustainable hyper-consumerism entailed by their techno-triumphalism (and ey has also been knocking them for the racism embedded in their evo-devo reductionism and eugenicism), and has linked to me in so doing to add insult to injury. It's a good piece on the merits, and such interventions should be encouraged, for all the good they'll do. We'll see how long it is before the transhumanoids at IEET judge the benefit conferred by the appearance of openness to criticism no longer outweighs the cost to True Belief maintenance of providing a forum for real critique and simply declares it ad hominem anti-Buddhistic hate-speech compelling the usual unpersoning. (Or how long it takes Summer to grow impatient with the awful know-nothing comments such a critique is likely to attract or the lack of an impact eir critique has on the "movement" in question and has the good sense to move on to better things.)

And if you are wondering, the Elversonian pronouns are a matter of deference to Summer's preferences. They aren't an intervention I generally take up myself in my writing, tho' neither do I disapprove of them or anything.


robert desorum said...

Check your Gmail, Dale. Unless you're not open to hearing the opinions of someone from the "lower classes" whom you claim to defend with your ethical views.

Dale Carrico said...

Struggling for social justice actually doesn't mean I have to pretend you are not wrongheaded and annoying. And you are commandeering too many comment threads today -- I'm moderating you now lest you scare away all the people with actually interesting things to say in my Moot.