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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

MundiMuster! Peaceful Protestor Carmen Pittman Tasered Outside the Department of Justice

Demand that members of the Finance Committee condemn this completely unnecessary, violent, cruel police overreaction. Compare the number of bankers who have gone to jail for fraudulently destroying the economy and ruining the lives of millions of everyday citizens to the number of citizens who have gone to jail for engaging in constitutionally protected speech and assembly in protest of those crimes. Go ahead, even if you don't know the exact numbers in your head you know enough to know the story -- you've seen the images of the handcuffs and the police vans and the percussive bursts of crowd control ordinance -- you know that protestors have been tased and tear-gassed and manhandled and jailed in the countless thousands while the fraudsters and banksters whine about how President Obama hurt their feelings in some mildly worded speech. Rachel Maddow covered the outrageous tasing incident briefly last night:

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