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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Always an ought and never an is, "coolness" is not in features themselves but in the investment of features with a narrative of transcendence. And the discourse of "innovation" now amounts mostly to skirmishes over this coolness.

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joe said...

Sorry about posting this here Dale I couldn't figure out where else too.

Io9's continuing slide down shit creek goes on...they are letting Prisco do Book reviews now or at least lifting his reviews from Kurzweil's AI site.

How depressing.I just know this is Dvorsky's shananigans

joe said...

Sorry just to add Dale, you're prediction that once they got their wannabe cyborg foot in the door they'd infest the place seems to be true.
Dvorsky had an article a while back where he had the balls to call Mikey Anissimov a "futurist" and interviewd him like he has a clue about anything.
This is the guy who has admitted having no actual knowlage of computers...genius.