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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Who Is… Me?

"Transhumanist Celebrity" is a rather hilarious contradiction in terms (although "anti-transhumanist celebrity" is surely even more ridiculous), nevertheless I was amused to stumble upon question three (of ten) of the Celebrity Transhumanist Gossip Quiz published by Transhumanity Magazine:
Transhumanism has many enemies. Prominent among them is a Berkeley academic who refers to us as “Robot Cultists.” What’s her/his name?


joe said...

Awh.....That's lovely Dale, You're an enemy.

I'd start checking for bombs under you toilet from now on ;).

Seriously that sounds like some shit Scientolgists would say just before they start following you around in vans and telling your your neighbours about any criminal convictions you've ever got.

Oh well it's better to be thought ill of, then not thought of at all..

joe said...

Irony overload, while trying to go over to look at the post on their "quiz" all I kept getting was an error message "information invalid".

Thank you God for reminding me you exist :)


jollyspaniard said...

Uh oh, their imaginary omnipotent friend who lives in the future is going to be infinite upset with you.