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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Scandal Is That We Are Still in Afghanistan

...still perpetrating senseless violence for no practical end at flabbergasting cost to the stubborn indifference of the people in whose name these crimes continue on and on while our expressed needs remain unmet by those we elected to represent us. Another scandal is the nonsensical celebrity worship whomped up for media-savvy military commanders by our prevailing punditocratic gossips which -- as also happens in their identical worship of celebrity CEOs -- renders us insensible to the collective nature of their accomplishments, such as they are, and inattentive to the trail of failures and frauds and falsehoods that tend to be sprinkled along their relentless upward trajectories but never discerned until the time comes for the unedifying spectacle of their eventual undoing. As for the sex scandals that are really what people seem to be interested in with Petraeus and Allen and all that, including the commentators who claim to be concerned about national security, the simple truth is that none of participants in these very quotidian affairs of the heart seem to me particularly interesting or attractive or original in what they have done. Those who are interested in the details are probably not very interesting themselves, it's all very conventional straight and very inept male and very vulgar bourgeois.

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jollyspaniard said...

The conspiracy theories are flying thick and fast over this one. I wonder sometimes if we're headed towards a conspiracy theory singularity when we'll have complete turnover of all conspiracy theories in circulation on a second by second basis.