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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teaching Day

Our houseguests are sadly now vanished, a stack of papers are happily now graded, but another teaching day will keep me from my keyboard again. Bruce Schneier, Lawrence Lessig, Bruce Sterling, and Paul Miller in my Peer-to-Peer Democratization and Anti-Democratization Course this morning in the City, then office hours scheduled with grad students in the afternoon. So low to no. Hope all are well.


Milton4ever said...

Have you got any kind of hard evidence that there is any correlation between modern automation and alledged mass unemployment?

Or can we just chalk that up to a crypto-Luddite attitude on your part?

Dale Carrico said...

Not sure to what you are referring, not this post surely?

FYI: The fears expressed by the historical "Luddites" turned out to be true and devastating, also these Luddites actually used technology while also disapproving disruptive impacts of elite-incumbent deployments of certain technologies. The epithet is specifically ignorant but also tends to express a dangerously facile attitude toward technodevelopmental class struggle.