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Monday, November 26, 2012

More Robot Cultists Jump on the Digital Diploma Mill Scam via it’s Think Tank -- the Center for Transhumanity -- is offering four (4) 10-week online Certificate Programs to the general public at an affordable cost -- $125. That’s only 1/200th the price of a certificate from Singularity University ($25,000)
How exciting that the Robot Cultists have formed yet another "Think Tank" where their "Thought Leaders" can get on with the Thinking that makes The Future really realler! And, look, it's a bargain at one two hundredth the price of that more famous other Robot Cult outfit that is also a discredited joke! Who could resist such a sales pitch?

Of course, every Robot Cultist worth his salt already knows that not only am I a Deathist Negativist Luddite Meanie Foe of The Very Serious Futurological Future, but also an elite effete aesthete of the kind who does things like getting a PhD at Berkeley and teaching in actually accredited universities. Of the Academy I have been known to say outrageous backward-looking entropic things like, "Real education never makes profits, only differences"; and "Universities tell you something and think tanks sell you something." So, of course, you already know to discount any skepticism I might be feeling at reading this announcement. No doubt I feel threatened by the inexorable transhumanoid Wave Of The Future.

Still, when I read that "rigorous, rewarding and interdisciplinary" coursework offered by the Center for Transhumanity will provide lucky, plucky robo-aspirants with a "Certificate in Transhumanist Studies (TS)" -- kinda sorta like "Raelian studies (RS)," "Scientology Studies (SS)"! -- or a "Certificate in Radical Life Extension (RLE)" -- actual extension of actual life not included! -- or a "Certificate in Transhumanism in Popular Culture (TPC)" -- let's pretend that fanwanking sf is the same thing as the serious study of literature and culture! -- or a "Certificate in Transhumanist Activism (TA)" -- let's pretend that fanwanking sf is the same thing as doing actual science or engineering or policy-making or influencing legislation! Who knew "radical life extension" is abbreviated "RLE"? Why, you're learning already! Even before blowing a hundred twenty five bucks to surf an "online course" for a Certificate! Perhaps, for consistency's sake, it's even a digital avatar of a Certificate you can't even hold in your hand (soon to be a digi-sooper-hand anyway)!

All that and a five dollar bill will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.


jimf said...

> No doubt I feel threatened by the inexorable transhumanoid Wave Of The Future.

As well you should. Mark my words, the AI in the Sky is gonna
have you cleaning out virtual urinals for the next virtual
billion years!


Dale Carrico said...

No doubt virtual tearoom trade will be faaabulous.