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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Happy Election Victory Dance

It's an Amor Mundi tradition.


jollyspaniard said...

I couldn't resist reading the comment sections of some right wing blogs yesterday. I didn't leave any comments but I found the comments quite interesting.

A lot of wingnuts woke up yesterday to find out they were living in a Truman Showesque alternative universe and they're angry at Fox, the GOP and the bloggers who maintained it. A lot of them are claiming that they're leaving the right wing blogosphere over this. Mind you they are a perpetually pissed off and petulant so I don't think that means much.

However most of them are blaming lazy brown people and the usual conspiracies. I only found one person out of hundreds who thinks that the GOP should stop talking about abortions, sex and rape. They're still in denial basicaly as to what's just happened.

The hard right grass roots is completly incapable of digging themselves out of their racist white hole or even admitting to themselves that they are in one. It's brown people that are the racists, they've been bribed, Christie sold us out by saying something nice about Obama, there's all these conspiracies destroying America, etc.

You called it pretty accurately from a cultural perspective pretty early on. I've started seeing blog posts on Real Clear Politics in the past 48 hours that are now saying things you've been saying for ages. The demographic split of this vote says it all and people can't ignore it. They are either facing up to the truth or pulling out the usual BS conspiracy theories.

jimf said...

> Happy Election Victory Dance

John C. Wright on the election results -- grin and bear
it, folks. Are we not men?

(And I guess he invokes angels too, if not in exactly
the same way. ;-> )
"Back when I was a Libertarian, such a ill-starred event would
have had me wondering when it was morally permissible to raise
the Jolly Roger and begin slitting throats. Fortunately, the
Christian religion, which places no faith in Earthly kings and
regards no worldly dismay as inconsolable, also commands utter
obedience to worldly authorities placed over us. . .

The laws of civilization have protected our lives and goods,
lo, these many years, and we owe the laws that same love and
obedience we owe a father and a mother, who protect and sustain
us. To break the law is as parricide.

Even to be grim and sulking is uncouth, and stirs the generous
heart to laughter. Have we learned no good sportsmanship? Let
them be the party known for its ill temper and lack of grace
in defeat, as they are known for their ugly and ungainly vaunting
and self flattery in victory. Let us bear both the temptation
of defeat, the allure of despair and wrath, and the temptation
of victory, the allure of pride, with stoic indifference and
philosophical detachment.

Are we not men? Indeed, this night has proved we may be the
only adults left in the nation. I pray you act it. . ."

Dale Carrico said...

From Ayn Rand to muscular white baby Jesus, a well-worn wingnut worship track, by the way, man, that Wright is one fucked up fellow.

Athena Andreadis said...

Other SF/F bizarros also woke up on Wednesday to discover that reality doesn't fit their expectations. Someone called Sarah Hoyt, for example:

The two entries preceding it are also textbook paradigms of clueless toxic stew -- one of them genuflects (I'm using a polite expression here in lieu of the true one) to Heinlein as a revolutionary leader paragon.

Money quote: "When did loving your country, the only country on earth where citizenship is based on a common constitution become a conservative thing?"

File this under 1) unclear on VERY basic concepts, 2) ignorant of history across the board, 3) things that should crawl back under the rocks whence they came.

Also, victory dance.

Dale Carrico said...

Loving your country = disenfranchising your fellow citizens = one more weird thing conservatives believe now.