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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teaching Day

It's Clay Shirky and Claire Bishop in my Peer to Peer Democratization and Anti-Democratization Course in the City this morning. Blogging low to no until later in the afternoon as a result. Uneasy election thoughts suffuse my days these days and play out in theatrical dream analogies at night. There are quite a few friends of the blog around NYC, hope all is well with them.


Anonymous said...

> There are quite a few friends of the blog around NYC, hope
> all is well with them.

Well, I've been lucky, across the river in New Jersey. Didn't even
lose power (yet -- there are still telephone poles waiting to
fall over), but lost internet Monday night through a few minutes
ago. Land line phone is out too.

No busses running to the city, and my employer there is closed
(at least through today) anyway.

jimf said...

> Anonymous said...

That was me. Curious I didn't get the usual login prompt,
but I'm using a different computer and different browser
than usual (my PC's power supply went pfft right around
the time my internet access came back on this afternoon.
Just the PC, not the cable modem or router and yes, everything's
plugged into a heavy-duty surge protector. Maybe a
coincidence, but not likely.)

Work (in Long Island City, Queens) is expecting me back
tomorrow. Also, busses to Port Authority are supposed
to be running tomorrow. We'll see.

I am not a newsaholic, but a friend of mine emailed me
today that an entire neighborhood (of ca. 100 houses)
somewhere in the greater New York area burned to the
ground because the fire department couldn't reach
them. Lots of trees blown down around where I live,
lots of streets closed as a result.