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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Romneyshambles Already?

So, it's looking like the Republican Reptile brains liked Romney's assertiveness last night because they experienced in it the vicarious thrill of insulting the blacketyblackblack President as lazy and illegitimate and alien, whereas pretty much everybody else was mostly unmoved or bored or even a little impressed (so-called independents actually seem to have liked the President's performance better than the commentariat gossips spoiling for a cockfight to cackle over, go figure). Meanwhile, beginning in real time in the twitterverse, the truth-squadding of Romney's serial lies and reversals and obfuscations set the scene for the fact-checking and pushback that gathered volume all the livelong day today, culminating in Romney campaign denials and Fox confessionals that he didn't mean what he said when he said what he said except when he says it again. It's starting to look like a death-threat issued to Big Bird and a rictus grin issuing lies are the only lingering traces this debate will leave us with. I didn't think the debate was the total triumph for Romney many commenters seemed to think, but I did think it was a stay of execution for a campaign in crisis and that this was triumph enough to call it a clear win, even if I didn't expect it to change much for long. I am a bit surprised to see the sign of incipient shambles less than a day after.

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