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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Romney Campaign Is Denialisms All the Way Down

It is interesting that the Romney campaign, which is suffused with denialism through and through -- whether the macroeconomic denialism of trickle-down, or the anti-social denialism of "We Built This!" or the climate-change denialism of "Drill Baby Drill!" or the anti-democratic denialism of disenfranchisement via charges of in-person voter-fraud, or the anti-feminist denialism of Personhood, wherein fetal pre-persons get to be citizens but real people who happen to be women are reduced to incubators, or even on the bald denial that the incumbent President of the United States is legitimate or possibly even a real citizen at all simply because he is black -- it is, I say, both interesting and apt that a campaign predicated on so much denialism ends its run in the denial of even the basic reality of the state of the race itself as it is actually running in real time as that reality is registered in objective measures like actual polls, actual numbers of campaign contributors, actual reports of party identification, actual early voting reports, and so on.

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