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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Onion Begins TED Squawk Parody Series

Idea Man! Creator! Innovator! Cerebrator! -- The Hudsucker Proxy

Essentially, every TED Talk sells you something, while incidentally pretending to teach you something. -- Fool Me Tee Vee
The techno-utopian neologism-spewing pseudo-intellectualizing cosmic-engineering geo-engineering imagineering profiteering self-appointed self-congratulatory investor-class ruling-class TED squawkers have long been a target of my derision, and I am thrilled to observe the recent multiplication of darts headed their way these days, culminating one hopes in a lethal Onion-visceration... The tears, they are the tears of righteous joy!

Here is a preview of the Onion Series to come, followed by its first installment:

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