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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Latest Report on Low Tech Books Purchased from Amazon!

Following recent news reports about users of Amazon's Kindle, I very anxiously perused a stack of bound volumes I have purchased from over the last few months myself. So far it appears that the inked contents have not been remotely wiped by the company for alleged unspecified violations of "policies." None of the volumes have cracked, despite some of them falling onto hard floors over the course of my reading of them. Their platforms still seem to support the typographical configurations of used books even many decades old, even for rare books otherwise long out of print. I have read many of these volumes without anxiety or fogging in bathtubs filled with hot water. None of the volumes interrupt my reading with ads crawling over the content and vying for my attention (believe me, it's coming). Although I am well aware that I must be a very terrible and irrational luddite reactionary for sticking to these primitive, profoundly inferior, definitely not-slick and not-bleeding-edge bound and inked devices for accessing the written word, it would appear that so far at any rate I have not paid too steep a price for judging books a still perfectly reasonable and appropriate reading technology. YMMV (but I doubt it).

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