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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Robotically Predictable

I mentioned Monday that io9's decision to promote transhumanoid Robot Cultist George Dvorsky into their spotlight was repaid in his first contribution by a defense of "geo-engineering" about which I said:
I have to say Dvorky has not disappointed me so far, using his new perch right off the bat to indulge in what is probably the single most world-destroying form of futurological discourse going at the moment (though their eugenicism is another candidate for transhumanism at its worst, certainly) -- advocating "geo-engineering" as if it were a genuine form of environmentalism.
Precisely, nay Robotically, true to form, it seems, in his next contribution Dvorsky has proceeded to advocate eugenics. No doubt there is much more to come in this depressing and destructive vein. Hats off to io9, and a hat tip to reader "Barkeron."


ian paul said...

I thought you would enjoy Graeber's latest rant on futurological discourses: , particularly in relation to Dvorsky.

Athena Andreadis said...

I suspect George chose to forget what I discussed in Miranda Wrongs (or in the Rape Particle coda). The article he references in io9 which purports to "prove" that psychopathy is 50% inheritable comes from three authors who are not biologists.