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Monday, June 11, 2012

Might the Republican Sooper-Genius Plan to Destroy the Country and Then Blame Obama for the Country Being All Destroyed So That They Can Get the Power to Destroy the Country Even More Seriously Actually Work?

Ezra Klein:
Since Obama was elected, the public sector has lost about 600,000 jobs. If you put those jobs back, the unemployment rate would be 7.8 percent. But what if we did more than that? At this point in George W. Bush’s administration, public-sector employment had grown by 3.7 percent. That would be equal to a bit over 800,000 jobs today. If you add those hypothetical jobs, the unemployment rate falls to 7.3 percent.
If unemployment was at 7.3 percent there would be no question of Obama's re-election and so Republicans have actively destroyed the lives of those million citizens so that they can have a better chance to win the Presidency in 2012. Yes, they are that irresponsible and evil. When Obama pointed out Friday that compared to this catastrophic job loss in the public sector the private sector is doing comparatively better (yes his literal words were, "the private sector is doing fine," and also that what he meant was that "the private sector is doing comparatively better than the public sector" was just as obvious from the hundreds of words he had spoken to that literal effect in the press conference itself, convened on the topic of our ongoing economic distress precisely because neither the public nor the private sector is doing fine at all as everybody who is not a liar or an idiot or a con-man already knows) it was decided that this was a terrible gaffe, so apparently we can't talk about that anymore. So, I guess the Republican sooper-genius plan to destroy the country and then get the President kicked out of the White House because the country is destroyed so that they can get enough power to destroy the country even more actually has a chance to succeed after all. Ah, Muscular White Baby Jesus With A Gun, that's just frackin' awesome.

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