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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Back to the Academy

The usual shifting of gears is afoot -- preoccupied with teaching Plato's Gorgias and Phaedrus today at Berkeley. Blogging will likely be l'il to nil. The mini-furor over "Unbearable Stasis" is slowing, and dust will soon regather no doubt in my blog nooks and crannies from the usual benign neglect, though humanity-plus has reprinted it today (quite a feather in the cap of a humanity-minus mehum like me), so far yielding the rich harvest of comments that it is word salad (sooper-geniuses seem to have the hardest time reading above a fourth-grade level), that I am a luddite (natch), and also that I am a commie with the blood of the gulag to answer for (talk about retro-futurism). A briefly enjoyable exchange with Giulio Prisco has arrived at the usual I know you are but am I landing-strip at which point to continue would be as pleasurable as poking my eye with a sharpened pencil. Not a bad way to end a long weekend. You know what a good way to begin a long work-week would be? Recalling Wisconsin Governor Walker! Dunno if it's too much to hope for, but On Wisconsin!


jollyspaniard said...

You've got the Singulatarians up against the ropes in the online SF community. That flurry of traffic won't be the last and they'll have a harder time rearing their heads without being criticized. That IO9 post you mentioned a few days ago had a lot of criticism in the comments section for instance. That's a big change from just three years ago.

Barkeron said...

Speaking of IO9, now look what Mr. Dvorsky is up to. Not a week on the site and already eugenics.