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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Virginia Republican Rape Gang Decides Slut Shaming Is Not Enough

On Valentine's Day, Virginia's Republican-controlled House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed a bill requiring that a women who wants or even medically needs an abortion be subjected to a penetrative vaginal ultrasound procedure and then sent home for a prolonged and punitive "waiting period" in which to think hard about what she has done, evil slut that she is for having had sexual intercourse -- and possibly even enjoying it! -- for an apparently non-procreative purpose. Just to make it clear that this is about patriarchal pricks and Christian-Talibanist woman-hating, an effort to ensure that doctors have to secure a woman's consent before launching into this penetrative assault was firmly rejected by these truly twisted, truly awful Republicans. Clearly, the extreme right anti-abortionist stance has moved beyond the familiar outrage of interference in the fraught delicate private healthcare discussions between women and their doctors, beyond the already flabbergastingly ugly refusal to treat rape as an exception to their abortion bans, only to arrive now at the frankly inconceivable evil demand that women literally be raped by the very doctor's to whom they are turning for help and healthcare just for wanting an abortion. Today's Republican Party, ladies and gentleman. Once you have stopped vomiting, do please do your part to stop these evil bastards.

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jollyspaniard said...

I hope this gets struck down in the courts I can't believe something like this can go on in a civilized country.