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Monday, February 20, 2012

Kenyan Muslim Socialist Global Warmism

The momentary controversy over a Santorum spokes-shill slip-up today slotting in canned nonsense criticism of Obama's "Radlical Islamic Policy" rather than canned nonsense criticism of Obama's "Radical Environmentalist Policy" (brrrpp! -- Andrea Mitchell is MSNBC not FOX, please make a note of it, brrrrpp!) has not yet taken in what struck me as more odd by far than scrambled deceptive talking-points. What is this business of Obama being accused (pre-mix-up and presumably pre-controversial) of adhering to a theological doctrine called "Global Warmism"? As though documented rising planetary temperatures is some kind of kooky cult with an online manifesto and a secret handshake and membership dues, rather than, you know, a matter of being aware of well substantiated facts and concerned about their consequences.

Full disclosure: I am a dues-paying member of the "Water Is Wetism" and "World Is Roundism" faiths.

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jollyspaniard said...

Santorum is a train wreck in slow motion. Now that people are actually paying attention to things he says in public his surrogates are busy issuing lame corrections on a daily basis.

Santorum isn't just shooting himself in the foot, he's emptying entire magazines into his feet and reloading.

His biggest advantage at this point is that the Republican primary has run out of flavours of the month.