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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Cupcakes Have Jumped the Shark"

That's what Eric says, and I am inclined to agree.


jimf said...

> "Cupcakes Have Jumped the Shark"

What about donuts? I just got back from Dunkin Donuts --
I spent the afternoon at Barnes & Noble (speed reading through
the last volume of Guillermo del Toro's _The Strain_
trilogy (I also had John C. Wright's _Count to a Trillion_
next to me, but after I finished _Night Eternal_ I was
ready to call it a night), and I had a sweet-tooth attack,
but as usual the Barnes & Noble cafe had no place to sit
down, so I had to settle for Dunkin' Donuts. So I had
two stale marble-frosted donuts and one of their denatured
coffees. Now I'm feeling slightly nauseous. But not
as nauseous as I'd be feeling if I'd gone to the supermarket
and brought home an Entenmann's coconut-lemon cake and
a half gallon of milk, and then ripped through
half of both. ;->

Chad Lott said...

It's going to be all pies for 2012 (I have insider info).

The vegan Twinkies from The Source in SF rule, too.

Lorraine said...

> "Cupcakes Have Jumped the Shark"

Thank doG for that. We all know that the cupcake fad was a proxy for the entrepreneurship fad. If I had a cupcake for every time I saw some upbeat news broadcast about how someone dealt with the paucity of J.O.B.'s by going into the cupcake business, I'd weigh 103,823 kilos.