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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Whole World Isn't Watching (UPDATED)

There's another GOP Presidential debate tonight. Will Romney, Pawlenty, or Huntsman curl up and fall asleep on a pile of hundred dollar bills behind the podium when asked a question? Will Bachmann, Cain, or Santorum tear off their faces to reveal a gaping hole filled with flames or possibly eat their own feces when asked a question? Will Rick Perry's prayers from miles away send a shower of small dead bird bodies or at least a double rainbow (so intense!) to astonish the assembled crowd? Will Sarah Palin crash her tour bus into the auditorium and start hawking a new line of age-defying skin care products? It's all just too fascinating.

UPDATE: Apparently, one of my references was obscure to some readers. Smeagol always helps:

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