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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Report to the Libertopian Disintegration Chamber!

Neo-Feudalist megalomaniacs like Peter Thiel especially crack me up when they gravely warn all their little Randroidal sociopath friends about how the socialists will fight tooth and nail to keep them from Going Galt off to their libertopian separatist enclaves on oil platforms, or in underwater bubble-cities, or on the asteroid belt or whatever bullshit scheme they're blathering on about at the moment.

I mean, are you kidding? Go Galt! Please, please, please vanish! Fight your flight? Hell, where can I sign up to donate? Please take your so-called rugged so-called risk-takin' so-called innovatin' selves off to your invisible robot valley, to your concrete boys only renegade island, to your cruise ship McMansion.

Just so long as you promise not to whine too much when you discover nobody even noticed you left, just so long as you promise not to make us looter moocher mehum socialists save your asses when you start starving, or get attacked by real pirates, or get hit by a storm, or catch some virulent bug because you can't be bothered to regulate anything or clean up after yourselves.

When I see the words "libertopian separatist enclave" I hear the words "libertopian suicide station." Be my guest, killing yourselves for your idiot ideology is so much better than killing the rest of us with it.


Summerspeaker said...

I have a feeling Thiel will take plenty of guns with em when and if ey heads to the seas. Libertarians are famous for that. Pirates beware.

I doubt such ventures would actually become independent or starve, but instead sustain themselves through the continued exploitation of workers across the world via the global capitalist system.

Dale Carrico said...

This isn't the first time these dipshits have tried crap like this. They always fail. I do hope they bring guns with them, as you say -- they can shoot themselves in the foot and sink the dingy on the way to Galt's Oil Platform.

Dale Carrico said...

Those who are disgusted by the ugly Imperialist angle of these Ayn Raelian schemes will probably enjoy Nauru Needs Futurologists!

jimf said...

> Just so long as you promise not to whine too much when you discover. . .

. . .that multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder.