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Saturday, August 27, 2011

MundiMuster! Sign Up to Help California Consumer Watchdog Get A Proposition on the Nov 2012 Ballot to Demand Rate Rollbacks and a Public Option

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[via Calitics]:
[The] ballot measure will have to be filed by November 2011 in order to begin signature collection so it gets on the ballot for November 2012.

The main provisions of the ballot measure are as follows:

1. A 20% rate rollback in health insurance rates to reverse five years of unwarranted double-digit price gouging;
2. Require health insurance companies to seek permission from the elected insurance commissioner before raising rates, as auto insurance companies must, and application of other Prop 103 protections to health insurance companies;
3. Prohibit all insurance companies from raising your rates or refusing to renew you because of your credit score, claims or insurance history;
4. Allow consumers to join a non-profit public health plan administered by CALPERS instead of having to buy insurance from private insurance companies;
5. Correct court rulings that have misinterpreted the law to benefit the insurance industry;
6. Create a "three strikes and you're out of California" law for insurance companies that repeatedly violate the state's consumer protection laws
7. Prohibit health insurance companies from forcing you to sign arbitration agreements as a condition of enrollment.
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