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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hey, C'Mon, LoDo's Not So Bad

I noticed several readers from Firedoglake have stopped by via a post of mine from a while back in which I was infuriated by Lawrence O'Donnell's unaccountably unacceptably rude treatment of a guest. I still stand behind that post -- in fact, remembering the event in question still pisses me off even now. But I do want to add that Lawrence O'Donnell's actual show hasn't been terrible at all, I have warmed up to him quite a bit. I don't get that awful nails on a chalkboard patriarchical prick vibe from his show that makes me shudder every time Tweety and Fineman trade wise-cracks on Bark-Ball. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the way he has pushed commonsense gun regulation on his show, at a time when most liberal types seem to have given up on this vitally important and eminently addressable issue just because the NRA is mean or something. People are crowing because he thought Tim Pawlenty would get the GOP nomination, but his reasoning that every other candidate has a fatal flaw remains as sound as ever -- he was just wrong to expect the GOP to care that they are going to lose or T-Paw to have the oomph for a contest he could win if he actually tried.

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