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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elizabeth Warren for Senate

I'm in, are you?


myst101 said...

Not so sure. For as high profile as she is, it's weird that her politics are still a bit of a mystery. It's also weird that she doesn't have the common sense to steer clear of conservative media whore & ambulance chaser "Dr." Phil (according to her wikipedia profile). And yes, her eloquent denouncement of the bailout in the Michael Moore doc is quite compelling. However, one wonders if she could have been a tad bit more forceful with her opinions at the time when it really mattered. After all, she was the CHAIR of the Congressional Oversight Panel at the time.

Dale Carrico said...

one wonders if she could have been a tad bit more forceful with her opinions at the time when it really mattered

There's no way for this to not to sound more snide than I mean it to, but reading this comment one wonders if you've done your homework.

Dale Carrico said...

Elizabeth Warren is practically a GOD-SEND! She provides a path to overthrowing nekkid Scotty Brown (which shouldn't be hard but that is the fucked up world we live in) and changing the Senate math for 2012, which remains absolutely horrifyingly horrendous for any person of any kind of left paying any kind of attention. It's true she hasn't gotten position papers up on every issue yet, but simply listening to her on a range of topics via Rachel Maddow she is appropriately lefty middle-class populist for "the Kennedy seat," articulate, academic but plainspoken, practical, incredibly sympathetic, and one hopes another senator in the Franken mold.

myst101 said...

To be honest, all I know of Elizabeth Warren is what I've read about her. I don't watch TV news, so I haven't seen her interviewed (except in the Michael Moore doc). But I do know that she used to be a repug...and not that long ago either.

And yes, she opposed the bailout AFTER it was approved (although not as loudly as I would have), but where was she BEFORE this? Being the prominent consumer advocate that she is, she should have been more vocal in her opposition at a time when it really counted.

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