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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From the Folks Who Brought You the Summer of Tea and Death Panels, Here Comes Impeachment Season!

Apparently, over in the Fox Hole and across the right wing noise machine, Republican Crazytown is now declaring it a somehow make-believe impeachable offense for the President not to give in to their hostage drama and dismantle civilization in exchange for them not trashing the world economy by not raising the debt ceiling in one hour and in one page as they easily can and regularly historically have done... And now that Boehner has joined his trembling orange hand with Cantor's spider-hand since last night's loony litany of lies they are both genuflecting with whole heart to their End-Times Base... So, well, I guess Obama might as well just go to the so-called Constitutional Option and let them impeach him over that instead. Of course the Supreme Court is approximately as bonkers as the House at this point, given the Republican appointments of Federalist Society wingnuts to the High Court... The long term prospects look a bit dire on that, but it would at any rate defer the entirely unnecessary fiscal disaster (I mean, yet another one), bring the impeachment circus back to town, ensure their freak show congress is do-nothing (much better than anything they would do if they were a do-something congress: death penalty by stoning for women who use birth control pills? forced de-gayification camps presided over by Michelle Bachmann's husband? selling off the federal highways to Haliburton?), and we can just stew in helpless frantic misery until 2012 provides an opportunity to correct the madness of the mid-term election of these killer clowns or, who knows, make everything incomparably worse by electing even more of them... in which case, what can I say, give up and get out if you can while you can?

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Zach Wheaton said...

That's weird because Bush was vastly worse