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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Romney and Rubio Is A Ticket Serious As A Heart Attack

I have long regarded a Romney Rubio pairing as among the more potent possibilities available to the GOP in 2012. Florida is a swing state and Rubio is a comer with unmistakable positives and ambitions.

I don't think even at their best they can beat Obama, actually, but I do think they could stave off a possible blowout with coat-tails that could win Democrats back the House and save the Senate (and give us another stab at saving the world). If we lose the Senate and fail to regain the House due to a comparatively closer race, Obama's victory will matter only because of Supreme Court nominations and slightly less catastrophic tinkering around the edges sorts of stuff that count for something but not much.

Now, Romney already comes off as snide and Rubio as smarmy, and we should be parodying them relentlessly and hard as hell to make that stink stick before the Commentariat slathers them with the usual testosterone and swooning star-quality and high-powered intellect accolades they assign these killer clowns. Rubio has a whiff of impropriety and corruption about him already and it isn't clear his positives would survive national campaign trail scrutiny, as it happens.

If Rubio can be framed as an empty gesture and insult to Latinos by a racist party rather than as an opening to sanity on immigration and race in the GOP (as Rove has long wanted to pretend and McCain once tried and failed to make a go at), and if he can be squashed under scandals, then his clear strengths can be overcome and, even better, he can be knocked off the game board earlier than he otherwise would (he looks to me like trouble in the longer run). Then his fall can be woven into an anti-GOP wave narrative starring the hated criminal loon Rick Scott that helps turn Florida Blue for good, and we might could still flip the House and keep the Senate and maybe cajole some scared Republicans into acting sensibly enough to get some necessary work done in a second Obama term.

Obviously, nothing is certain or even very clear at this point, however. Just running at the mouth.


myst101 said...

Considering that such a shady character was elected over such a very strong dem candidate (Alex Sink)--I don't have much hope for Florida next year.

Dale Carrico said...

Homer Simpson was not far wrong in declaring Florida America's wang. We should expect no end of dick moves from them, I suppose.

jimf said...

> America's wang. We should expect no end of dick
> moves from them. . .

Hey, I thought we **like** dick around here!

Dale Carrico said...

When a perfectly appealing dick is attached to a dick, it loses its allure, I find.