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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halperin's Dick Move

In his Press Conference yesterday, President Obama said in no uncertain terms that Republicans will have to compromise from their repeatedly declared determination as a party deliberately to wreck our already languishing economy and exacerbate the suffering of most of our population by refusing for the first time in history to participate in the pro forma raising of the debt ceiling to ensure the full faith and credit of the United States unless Democrats -- who still control the Executive branch and half of the Legislative branch because majorities of voters put them there to end the ruinous wars, reform the healthcare system, rein in corporate abuses, invest in green jobs and infrastructure -- do the opposite of what they were elected to do, the opposite of what any macro-economically literate person knows to be right, and indulge instead in the palpable madness and cruelty and stupidity of the minority Movement Republican lust for further demolition of indispensable public services and the further larding of the richest of the rich with treasures and privileges. For pointing out that all this is, to say the least, clearly unacceptable, punditocrat Mark Halperin told the viewing public of MSNBC's least-watched most-conservative program that the President was behaving like a "dick."

I personally believe that calling the President or anybody else a "dick" on the tee vee should not incur legal or financial penalties with the FEC (if it does), indeed, I think it would be a wholesome step toward sanity if words like "asshole" "shit" and even the apparently radioactive "fuck" should find their way to broadcast just as they do in actual everyday life so that one more layer of mass-mediated bullshit be removed the better to make way for people who sound like real people to talk in a real way about the real problems that really beset them.

Be that as it may, Halperin's "dick" comment seems to me to reveal quite palpably the problem with him that I daresay almost everybody has already long known: that he is himself the sort of dick who has no right place on television droning ever on and on with his snide gossipy faux-sanctimonious superficial-"Seriousness" in the first place.

That the flabbergastingly obvious point Obama made about the absurd, disgusting, and dangerous spectacle the Republicans are making of themselves made him look like a "dick" to a representative Village insider of our pampered useless debased bought-and-paid-for commentariat reveals yet again that the Village has long been a circle-jerk of dicks fluffing plutocrats into ugly war adventures, CEO celebrity worship, wingnut mancrushes, bank fraud enablement, austerity for the masses, climate change denialism, and Ayn Rand idiocies for years and years and years. I hope it won't be thought a dick move for me to declare the Village must be burned to be saved and to say a little prayer that Halperin's fall be long and the first of many.

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myst101 said...

Halperin is no mere "dick"

He's risen above all the common dicks & distinguished himself as a true dickweed.

Speaking of dickweeds.. just to be bipartisan here.. Ruben Diaz (D)New York who voted "no" on marriage equality is a dickweed too.