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Monday, June 06, 2011

Boys And Their Toys

Men are pigs. More women in politics, please. Give me an army of Nancy Pelosis and Barbara Lees. Republican closet cases and family values hypocrites are bad enough, but apparently neither can these guys be trusted to do the indispensable progressive work we are counting on them to do once they attract enough attention to fancy themselves "players." Weiner was a dependable voice and vote for the democratic wing of the democratic party, if a bit of a show-boat. And he's sending cock shots to women he doesn't know, who knows how old, with family pictures in the background? In this world? In this historical moment? Given the stakes at hand? Really? Really? Clinton, Spitzer, Edwards, now Weiner. Un fucking believable. I'm not feeling at all forgiving about this, which is not the same thing as declaring I think Weiner should have been subjected to the ritual humiliation of apologizing to the execrable Breitbart as he did, and which is also not the same thing as declaring I think Weiner should necessarily resign (after all Barney Frank slogged through such a swamp and still emerged to do good work). Nor is my point that there is something wrong with showing strangers online the angle of your dangle in your underwear if you like in a free country -- I've done that myself, as it happens. The point is that if you decide to embark on the life of a career politician millions of people will be counting on to help solve shared problems in a professional way with a minimum of distraction you don't get to fuck around in idiot America as it actually exists and you damn well know better.


jimf said...

> Men are pigs.

Testosterone giveth, and testosterone taketh away. ;->

This thing (well, not the actual **thing**) has
made the cover of the New York Post for four
days running. And today it's on the cover of
the New York Times.

And I got to see the Tivo'ed Jon Stewart commentary
at a birthday party [*] last Sunday night (which included the
actual thing). His pizza rant apropos Donald Trump
and Sarah Palin was also pretty funny.

[*] in the company of two adolescent boys, their
parents, their grandparents, and another guest.
After the Jon Stewart clip was over, one of the boys
had to retire to finish, with the help of his
grandmother, an English paper that was due yesterday.
So to encourage him, the rest of us had to promise
not to watch anything he might be interested in
(like the rest of the first episode of the Farscape
DVD box set I had brought as a gift). So we watched
Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes. Toward the end of
that movie, the mommy said to the daddy "he's been
in there half an hour. You're supposed to be keeping
track of this." At which point daddy called out
to the boy who was supposed to be finishing his
English paper "Remember what we said -- three minutes.
You've spent five minutes on your homework and half
an hour in the bathroom. Get out of there now."

This **almost** went over my head -- it was a kind
of sussuration in the background. But I think I know
what it was about. I can't help but wonder if the
hormones were pushed over the edge by Stewart's commentary
about knowing his own junk, and how well his hand
was acquainted with his p****. I have to say, though,
that I was a little appalled about having an explicit
time limit in the bathroom, and that an adolescent
boy can't j*** o** in peace even on his birthday. [**]

Ah, testosterone!

[**] God help me if anybody I know finds this and connects
it to me! ;-> ;->

Dale Carrico said...

Maybe the episode will find its way one day to the page a la Philip Roth...