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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Queer Manifestations

There are queerer things in heaven and earth, Gay-Ratio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Here I've corralled together many posts I've written over the lifetime of this blog that tend toward queergeekery and genderfuckery (with some additional odds and ends)....

Snowball’s Chance in Hell (Holiday Cackles from the Balcony), December 25, 2004

Conservative Wants to Enslave Women to Make More Gay Babies, February, 2005

The Random Wilde ("The Queen Is Not a Subject" -- Redux Edition), March, 2005

Technoprogressive ARTs, October, 2005

Technology Is Making Queers Of Us All, March, 2006

Keep Your Laws Off My Body, March, 2006

The Real Scandal is that the Scandal is About Sex Rather Than Torture , October, 2006

Cackles from the Balcony: San Francisco Uber Alles Edition, January, 2007

"Post-Gender" or Gender Poets? April, 2008

Honoring Service, Because Freedom Isn't Free, November, 2008

Marriage? No, Thanks! The Right to Marry? You Bet I'll Fight for It! December, 2008

Obama's Gay Pride Parade from Hell, June, 2009

"Same Sex", December, 2009

"genderqueer," March, 2010

The Populist Politics of Expressivity, Right and Left, and the Equitable Left Since 1968, January, 2011

Can Queer Radicalisms Be Enabled by Gay Assimilationist Politics? February, 2011

Gay Assimilation, Queer Emancipation, and the Dialectic Demolition of the Closet, March, 2011

Marriage Equality Tide Sets Stage For This Year's Pride, June, 2011

Queer Projector: An Honor (and Dishonor) Roll of Queer Film Recommendations, July, 2011

Every Jock Is A Puke... And Why This Matters, August, 2011

Transhuman Transsex, September, 2011

"Tomorrow Sex Will Be Good Again," May, 2012

Robot Cultist Thinks There's Something Revolutionary About A Skeletally Thin "Androgynous" White Guy Being A Successful Model, June, 2012.

Using Queer Strategies to Overcome the Violence and Misinformation of the Anti-Abortion Zealots, July, 2012

Prosthetic Sex/Gender and Healthcare Politics, December, 2012

What Is Patriarchy? December, 2012

Anarcho-Anti-Sexist Robot Cultist Decides Feminism Is Too Hard, Declares Himself A Robot, December, 2012

The Coming Gaybagger Wave, April, 2013

All Patriarchy Is Eugenic, April, 2013

Don't Be Too Quick To Identify Transhumanist Politics With Transsexyal Politics, December 15, 2013

Uploading As Reactionary Anti-Body Politics, January 10, 2015

The Parade Passes By, June 28, 2015

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