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Monday, May 30, 2011

Looking For Some New Voices

I'm wondering if there are any particularly sensible eco-socialist and/or environmental justice oriented blogs and commentary sites readers might recommend? I'm not looking for another manifesto, heaven help me, I'm looking for pragmatic planetary policy analysis with its eyes on the right prize.


jollyspaniard said...

You've probably already heard of it but Climate Progress is quite good. It takes a very pragmatic and informed approach to politics which a lot of green blogs lack. And on the Peak Oil side The Oil Drum is good, it used to be quite collapsitarian a few years ago but it's gotten much more level headed over the years. However TOD tends to steer clear of politics (other than to poke holes in politicians positions).

There's also but they don't post that much content.

Chad Lott said...

On the marketing side, there is Alex bogsuky, the hot shot ad guy that did all those weird Burger King ads, has become a superfan of environmentalism and is trying to mobilize his design cronies to do some good.

It's sort of a rehash of the Viridian Greens and all the usual criticisms of Green Capitalism apply, but it's slick and people are interested which is better than nothing.

They're focused a bit on food justice at the moment.