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Sunday, May 22, 2011

In a Surprise Move, Evil Stupid Republicans Still Hate The Gay While Everybody Else Is Finally Growing Up

A new Gallup poll documents a large shift since last year in favor of legal gay marriage. This is of course part of an ongoing shift registering liberalizing attitudes across the country on a host of lgbtq issues in recent years as queers have become more visible in the mainstream and more people have been educated about loving queer relationships, military service, the bullying of queer youth, discrimination in the workplace, and so on.

Try to act surprised that this same poll shows that all this movement has taken place among Democrats and so-called "independents" while the numbers for Republicans haven't moved a single point in the poll, while literally everybody else in the whole country, across the board, has grown more educated, more fair-minded, more welcoming, more comfortable with their queer family members, colleagues, fellow-citizens, and neighbors.

Yes, as always, the white-racists, the patriarchal pricks, the Darwin haters, the macroeconomics illiterates, the climate change denialists, the law and welfare for me but not for thee hypocrites, the love the fetus hate the child mob, the more guns more war more executions more needless suffering from treatable diseases "pro-life" death cult, the Christianists who worship profit in the name of the champion of the poor and who worship aggression in the name of the prince of peace and who wrinkle their noses at brown skin while expecting a brown skinned man to redeem them, these always wrong, always mean assholes are wrong and mean yet again, right to the bitter end, doing their worst, not budging an inch, spoiling everything for everybody as long as they can manage the feat.

Sheesh, Republicans, just suck a dick and get over yourselves for Christ's sake!


jimf said...

> . . .for Christ's sake!

Well, that's the problem, isn't it?


jimf said...

> [T]he numbers for Republicans haven't moved a single point in the poll. . .

Y'know, that's probably why God decided to spare the world night before last.