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Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Future of Facebook

Apparently a coterie of futurological experts (that is to say corporate-military apologists conveniently pretending expertise in something that doesn't exist, namely, "The Future") have convened an oh-so-timely Future of Facebook project. While I would never declare myself to be a "social technology thinker" or "professional futurist" or "thought leader," of all things -- being an academically trained philosopher and rhetorician focused on environmental justice, peer-to-peer political formations, and science and technology studies is quite ridiculous enough already, thanks -- I will nonetheless offer up my own lame prophetic utterance on this question. I predict that the future of facebook is the same as the past of facebook. One word: geocities.

1 comment:

JenCowitz said...

Poor geocities. No such thing as sweet, vintage internet... But again, that's very much for the best as we approach a "Gentle Seduction" scenario...