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Friday, April 15, 2011

Republicans Leap Gleefully Into the Feudal Abyss

Randroid Ryan’s Republican budget has passed the House of Representatives, 235 to 193. No Democrats voted for it. All but four Republicans voted for it.

This unutterably cruel and nonsensical proposal will not survive the Senate, nor could it survive the President's inevitable veto, but as the doll-eyed dolt has declared in the breathless tonalities of piety he reserves for efforts to make majorities suffer needlessly and to transfer treasure to the already rich, this isn't about sensible governance, this is about "A Cause" (you know, kinda sorta like slavery was "The Cause" for the rich white racist assholes and duped dumbasses of the Confederacy before him).

The GOP's official and now congressionally-affirmed proposal to destroy Medicare, to defund public investment in the education and support of young people, to pretend climate change isn't a threat if you pray really hard for it not to be, to ignore insane Defense spending, all the while larding the richest of the rich with even more tax cuts at a moment in history when all but the rich are suffering at the edge of ruin is a bald bid to impose unqualified feudalism on a nation whose diverse people and whose precious precarious democracy he and the rest of his party have come to fear and loathe utterly, even in its present debased state.

If the rich plutocrats and their Teatard Army and the Party-Equivalence dead-enders prevail in upcoming elections in the face of all this, then America really probably needs the consequences coming to it to constrain its capacity to murder the rest of the world while it's busy so pointlessly and extravagantly committing suicide in this way.

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jollyspaniard said...

Ouch that's a very strong statement in your closing paragraph but I can't say I disagree with it. However America can push a very nasty brown energy regressive future without collapsing. There's enough dirty energy around to keep the economy limping along for a few more decades.

The stakes are higher than they've ever been during my lifetime. And still a lot of people seem complacent about it.