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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Randroid Ryan Wants to Loot Medicare to Build a Mountain of Gold Plated Turds for Billionaires to Die On and the Rest of Us to Die Under

Mr. Ryan proposed that Medicaid financing be converted into a block grant program, with states given a set allotment of money and new discretion to shape health coverage programs for the poor. Their Medicare proposal would allow those nearing eligibility to remain with the current system, and it would create a program that would provide payments to Medicare enrollees to buy private health insurance.

What is there to say? Awesome!

Randroid Ryan (GOP intellectual eminence and dead-eyed palpable dolt) wants to privatize/loot Medicare into oblivion, you know, for kids! all in answer, no doubt, to those white racist get-a-brain-morans who banshee shrieked their way through the long bacchanal of Tea Bag Summer 'bout gettin' big gu'ment's hands off mah Medicare!

Can the Democrats manage to preserve one of their literally indispensable literally party-defining signature achievements with literally all the facts on their side and literally universal support across the political spectrum on their side as well? Who the fuck knows anymore?

I have to believe that these stunning, sudden, wildly unpopular, often acrobatically alter-legal GOP union-busting child-labor-law busting non-existing sharia law busting womb-busting bring a grenade launcher to the food court shock and awe overreaches in statehouse after statehouse represent the spectacular convulsions of the dying ballooning body of the GOP, the convulsions of the hysterically terrorized white racist patriarchal prick feudalist minority clinging to their unearned privileges like Charlton Heston to his rifle in a rapidly multiculturalizing secularizing planetizing nation, fighting the last fight with all they've got before vanishing in a sigh like a distended fart into the permanent marginal minority of a regional rump incapable of summoning the resources to be taken seriously as a national party.

And I have to believe that comparable GOP efforts at the national level to dismantle Medicare and Social Security and public education and to dis-invent Keynesian macroeconomics and climate science and at least half of their oh so cherished Constitution which they happen to hate by means of magic spells or legislative fiat or fervent PR repetition are all similar evidence of the rather spectacular death throes of the Killer Clowns of an atavistic Movement Republicanism the world has by now left behind.

If instead the worst happens, if the dumb-dumb deathcult manages to pull this particular criminal idiocy off, I really am going to have to give up on idiot America in spite of my inner Mouseketeer. These war mongering climate change denialist anti-civilizationists are getting hard to distinguish from some thug literally pulling a gun on me in a goddamn alley -- they're really trying to do us in, for crying out loud!

By the way, not only should the Democrats resolutely refuse this latest GOP effort to murder people who work for a living via Medicare privatization in order to give the richest of the richest some more short-term profits there won't even be a world worth living in to spend them in, not only should the Democrats refuse this blood-soaked Randroidal fairy tale without the slightest contemplation of any mushy Catfood Commission-endorsed gruel of "compromise" with sinister insanity, either, but I think Democrats should be pushing hard, here and now, precisely to the contrary, for something even closer to a single payer healthcare system that makes sense via widening eligibility for many and Medicare buy-in for all in tandem with lowering the retirement age (to promote employment).

But, you know, what the hell do I know?

I hear "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help'," after all, so let's just dismantle society and let everybody die while a few hundred rich assholes roll around on a mountain of their own gold-plated turds until they die too.

I say it again: Awesome!

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jollyspaniard said...

The Democrats don't seem to be pushing hard enough. They're more pragmatic than progressive.

If history is a guide a lot of stupid rightwing memes currently in circulation will disappear. However they'll only be replaced with new stupid rightwing memes pushing the same policies and the same buttons. Greed, xenophobia and resentment are things that never go out of style.