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Monday, April 18, 2011

Onward Christian Soldiers Marching to Galt's Gulch

To the extent that the Christian Right worships their rather unbiblical white-racist war-mongering money-grubbing baby Jesus there really are fewer obstacles to their support of the film adaptation of relentlessly atheist Ayn Rand's execrable omni-incompetent novel Atlas Shrugged than there might initially appear to be (certainly, relevant considerations of taste are little likely to figure with that crowd either). So, I'm wondering if the megachurches will be shuttling their congregations to the multiplexes before this turkey makes its way to bargain DVD bins a la its potboiler cult-bible cousin Battlefield Earth?

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jollyspaniard said...

Rand fans never mention her views on religion and I'm not certain what they might think about that. They do like the "if it wasn't for us society would collapse" narrative. That's a common theme in conservative thinking, that they're the virtous Atlas holding the world up. I saw a headline on a rightwing blog stating "The rich in this country aren't fortunate, the poor are." There's also sharp elbowed utopian vision there. We can have paradise (not for everyone of course but we can) if only we trod on the people we don't like a little harder. That kind of view is always going to be popular amongst some.

There's an inherent nastiness in that kind of thinking of course. What attracts people is the way in that's articulated. Also Rand is dead which makes her a convenient source you're better able to interpret her the way you want and ignore the bits you don't like as she isn't around to remind anyone to the contrary.