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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I haven't posted a lot lately, and that is likely to remain so for a bit --

It's that time of term when my MA cohort is shepherding their Theses through to Commmittee signatures and this often involves reading rapid fire variations on long-form thesis docs and committee feedback from everybody at once and it gets a little crazy for a while on my end.

Also, I have to admit that I don't feel like I have anything particularly useful to say about current events at the moment. I mean, Obama's Libya speech genuflected toward multilateralism and diplomacy and pragamtism in welcome ways, but I still oppose the policy and fear the outcome when all is said and done. Republicans are behaving unbelievably badly but in ways that were predictable and about which there is really not too much that can be done at the moment. Or at any rate, lots of people are saying the sorts of things it occurs to me to say, if anything.

As far as tech-talk and futurology goes, I'm getting my fix in the graduate seminar on the Politics and Anti-Politics of Design Discourse I'm teaching at SFAI. Perhaps some of the insights arising from those discussions will crystallize as posts to the blog later on, but for now I'm concentrating elsewhere.

Just an update of sorts.

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jollyspaniard said...

The Libya situation does look worrisome seeing as how it resembles the start of Vietnam and Afghanistan. Surely we aren't going down that road again are we?

One unnoticed development of the Libya situation is that Saudi Arabia increased it's production of crude to compensate for the drop off in Libyan production. However this new output is very low grade oil which has raised doubts about the extent and quality of Saudi Arabias reserves.

We've got a refining problem too. There's spare capacity for the sweet crude but refining capacity for low grade crude is overstretched. So in a sad irony Peak Oil may lead to the construction of more refining equipment.