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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gangster Consistency in the Modern GOP

Yeah, so the GOP wants to cut funds to the IRS, presumably in the name of budget cutting, even though these particular cuts cost something like nine bucks for every dollar cut, so this isn't really about cutting the deficit it's about hating Big Gu'ment, except that the GOP also wants to use the IRS as anti-abortion cops because they love Big Gu'ment after all. So, Republicans not only don't make sense when they say they are fiscal hawks but they don't even make sense when they lie about being fiscal hawks because they are really anti-government because they actually love government when it is used as an instrument of war against women and war against brown people, whether foreign (bomb bomb bomb!) or domestic (War on Drugs), whatever the costs, especially if rape and pillage looks like it's on the menu. I can't say that it requires particular insight or deserves particular applause to exhibit the serial hypocrisies of the modern Republican Party, not to mention how tiring and demoralizing it is doing so. They're all just opportunistic gangsters at this point acting precisely as one properly expects gangsters to act.

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Poor Richard said...

Just when one thinks one has discharged all the venom one wants to waste on Republicans, they do stuff that causes ones venom to spray forth reflexively. One has difficulty conserving one's venom under such circumstances.