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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TED Talk =

The total reduction of culture to venture capitalism.


jimf said...

Have you seen the latest issue of _Forbes_ magazine?
(I just came back from the dentist -- it was in
his waiting room.)

Cover story --
Peter Thiel, Life After Facebook.
Peter Thiel has made billions in social media.
He's moving on--bankrolling ideas he thinks
will save the world.

"It would be easy to write off Thiel as a 'wackaloon,'
as one political blogger has called him. Indeed, Thiel
is putting serious money behind companies and
groups bent on extending life, colonizing on ocean platforms,
commercializing space, promoting so-called
friendly artificial intelligence and leapfrogging DNA sequencing,
among other causes. Freedom, he has said, is incompatible
with democracy."

Dale Carrico said...

A fool and his money are soon parted. Thiel has, and spends, big money, but I beg to differ that he has "serious money." Just because the American pseudo-public has become so suffused with the norms and forms of deceptive and hyperbolic marketing and self-promotion that it can no longer distinguish force from freedom or volume from significance doesn't mean we all have to fall for the dumb dumb parade. Peter Thiel is crass and dull. Even with all that money he'll never buy a brain, now isn't that sad?