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Monday, January 03, 2011

Jerry Brown Inaugurated Governor of California Today

Forthright, fair, funny, good speech. A lovely, sometimes inspiring, display of no-nonsense erudition, a never wavering commitment to good government, hope without hyperbole. For the next two years my own best hopes are pinned, to be sure, on my great adopted home State rather than to the ugly irresponsible public relations stunts sure to suffuse a Washington held hostage to reactionary Republicans.


jollyspaniard said...

Churchill had a very good line about America

America always does the right thing after it exhausts all other alternatives.

If the past 50 years are anything to go by it's California's role to do the right thing first. The rest of the country follows after it exhausts the alternatives.

Dale Carrico said...

Yes, being the world's eighth largest economy not to mention culture industry focus (whether you think Hollywood, Burbank, or Silicon Valley) all on our own isn't exactly something to sneeze at if you are casting about for a likely historical actor with heft.